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Rescue Plan for Financially Troubled Trucking Companies

Troubled Trucking, Inc

The pressure at "Troubled Trucking" was incredible.  Call after call from vendors, customers, drivers, banks, equipment lenders, and the fuel program.  They all wanted to be paid, but there was no money!

The chief executive officer had many questions, but no one could give him satisfactory answers.  At Trouble Trucking, like many other carriers, cash had always been tight and pressure was a normal part of the business day.  But this unrelenting pressure was unbearable.

Clearly, the company was in serious trouble.  It was running out of cash.  There was no time to spend locating problems.  The bleeding had to stop!  "But", management asked, "how do you stop the bleeding when you reach a point where you cannot pay your bills?"  The unthinkable-filing for protection under Chapter 11 of the Federal Bankruptcy Code-became a very serious consideration.

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