National Logistics Associates, Inc.

National Logistics Associates, Inc.

National Logistics Associates, Inc.

  • "NLA brought focus and direction to a transportation system that was not operating at full potential. The operation was widely dispersed and covered eight locations. This was accomplished on time, within budget and with a great degree of professionalism."

    William Hewgley
    VP, Purchasing and Transportation
    Sullivan Graphics, Inc

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Inbound and Reverse Logistics


Inbound logistics costs are integral to all procurement operations. NLA drives down the cost of inbound logistics within the constraints of purchased product lead times, shipment size and frequency, cost of capital and cash flow, as well as inventory and warehousing capabilities. Our engineered sourcing initiates contains costs further through enhanced carrier asset performance.


 Successes Include

  • Set in place an emergency process to identify and then oversee product returns early in their product life cycles, and a corresponding proactive approach to reverse logistics operations. The revamped process fed time critical inputs to manufacturing, and enabled timely product work orders and design adaptations
  • Restructured the procurement and inbound logistics of $6 Billion of inbound paper products for Sullivan Graphics, the largest domestic producer of newspaper inserts
  • Engineered optimized application of a private fleet for the inbound movement of over-the-road and rail shipments to Liberty Diversified Industries, holding company of Safco office furniture
  • Designed inbound ink, toner, and laser cartridge southbound transfers across the US-Mexican border to a Maquilladora plant in Monterrey Mexico, including material handling, customs documentation, and cross border transfers. Balanced inbound-outbound operations within Mexico for Nukote International. The study also involved site selection for inbound receiving and outbound distribution centers in the US and Mexico.


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