National Logistics Associates, Inc.

National Logistics Associates, Inc.

National Logistics Associates, Inc.

  • "We had the unique privilege of working with NLA to remap storage and flow practices in the distribution center and rethink our logistics processes. NLA moved swiftly to scope the project and provided a concise timeline to meet stated objectives. NLA staff moved in and out as needed without obstructing daily operations. Their consultants were professional, self reliant, experienced and professional.  Our experience with NLA was excellent. Objectives were clear, timelines were kept, results delivered."

    Van Hopkins
    VP Logistics
    DeVilbiss Air Power Company


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Crisis Resolution-Distressed Company Assistance


In the direst of circumstances, NLA acts with urgency to assist distressed clients by making practical, low cost improvements to cut costs, decrease risk, and increase agility.  We encourage distressed clients to invest in near term gains with the objective of reducing known fixed costs, and correspondingly migrate toward variable cost relationships.  Our pragmatic approach refocuses from longer term planning to near term gains.  Among the strategies that often pay fast dividends are:

  • Making carriers compete for shipments
  • Cutting transportation costs by engineering larger shipments and continuous moves
  • Boosting fleet performance
  • Consolidating shipments and cross docking
  • Migrating from fixed to variable cost contracts
  • Minimizing inventory deployment
  • Building “cost+” dedicated carrier relationships
  • Recovering vendor freight allowances
  • Consolidating inbound shipments
  • Improving inventory performance
  • Hedging, trading and negotiating volatile supplies


 Successes Include

  • Intervened on an emergency basis to stop the Gulf and Western repossession of 750 Freymiller trucks.  Quashed the Rocor International unfriendly takeover of Freymiller. Enabled an orderly partial liquidation; continued streamlined operations generating revenues that sustained the business.
  • Within 30 days of being retained, went to the national LTL market with an intense and urgent RFP that reduced O'Sullivan Furniture Company's outbound logistics costs by more than $1 million annually.
  • Within 6 months, eliminated 24 of the then existing 26 external warehouses, instituted a flow distribution model, custom designed internal consolidation processes, reengineered finished goods warehouse space related storage processes, conducted urgent regional distribution RFP that reduced transportation costs by 41%, cut inventories by 26%, and enhanced first year bottom line by 2.3%, saving the enterprise from bankruptcy.

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